27 Mar 2024

Systenics Website Relaunch

by: Saurabh Nandu in: General tags:website,

Our older website was starting to show age and unable to keep pace with styles. We had several internal discussions regarding a re-design but usually ended up shelving the plan since we were unable to identify and justify the reason for re-design if the outcome would just be a better design. At times we thought of just purchasing a template and updating the content and finish the process.

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29 Apr 2017

Setting up CI for ASP.NET MVC to deploy on Azure Cloud WebApp using Visual Studio Team System

by: Saurabh Nandu in: DevOps tags: Visual Studio, Continuous Integration,

Importance of DevOps is growing by the day as development teams adopt agile practices and start on the path of shorter development cycles. Having a good Continuous Integration system in place is one of the key parts of DevOps setup. In this blog I will explore the process of getting a simple ASP.NET MVC application configured using Online Visual Studio Team System's Build and Release process to deploy to an Azure WebApp.

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