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Bespoke Software Development

Cloud / Web

Our bespoke software development services are tuned to bring your ideas into fruition

Every client has a different need, different set of business problems to solve, different goals for the solutions that they want to build. We harness the power of latest technologies like the Docker, Kubernetes, ASP.NET Core, Angular, MS Azure, OpenAPI in the right mix, to solve the business problems for our clients.

Our bespoke software development services are tuned to bring our client ideas into fruition.

Mobile Development

Android, iOS, Universal Mobile Apps

We use the powerful and popular Angular and Ionic Framework to deliver cross platform hybrid mobile apps which are cost effective as well as immersive.

Mobile device proliferation has certainly trounced traditional platforms. We provide best in the class Hybrid HTML5 based mobile app development for Android and IOS. We use the powerful and popular Angular and Ionic Framework to deliver cross platform hybrid mobile apps which are cost effective as well as immersive.

Our Squad can deliver mobile backend services either using MEAN stack or ASP.NET Core Web API based on our clients choice of technology. We help our clients through the mobile development and publishing process to ensure they have the right solution available.

DevOps on Microsoft Azure Cloud and AWS

Build CI/CD Pipelines, Automate Cloud Infrastructure

Every large scale project needs a CI/CD pipeline to ensure faster and modular deployments to various environments

Its essential for any Cloud Based Solutions to have DevOps Automation for their Cloud Infrastructure. Our squad is capable of of configuring CI/CD pipelines in various automated build platforms like Azure DevOps, Github Actions, Jenkins, Team City etc. We also build cloud infrastructure automation for MS Azure Cloud Platform.

Application Platform Customization

AuctionWorx, Umbraco CMS, Nopcommerce

We provide application customization and development services for some of the following popular platforms

Technical Consultancy

Consulting Services

For Clients who already have a development team in place but are looking for requirements analysis, architectural guidelines, prototype development, best development practices and pilot applications etc.

Our expert Squad that can provide professional in-depth recommendations and guidelines for their development team to build upon. We provide training to our client's team on the technology upgrades so that they can move their application to the next level. Our Squad can assess an existing client application to provide inputs on architecture improvements, scalability, performance and security issues. We also provide consultancy to leverage and integrate the social media platforms to generate more visitors and virally grow applications. We have cloud experts who can help you define a strategy to migrate existing applications to the cloud or architect new ones using the latest cloud patterns.

Extended Development Center

End-to-End Solutions

We have designed Systenics extended development centre service so Clients can focus on their business while we take care of all technology requirements.

Our clients are experts in their business domains, having innovative ideas for new services and solutions. In order to help them realize their start-up dreams, we have designed Systenics extended development centre service so they can focus on their business while we take care of all its development needs. Our extended development center service also helps IT constultants to create a dedicated offshore software development team to fulfill their project requirements.

This service is designed to provide a fully managed, expert, dedicated offshore development team without any hassle of hr, project management, office space etc. at all times our clients have direct access to the developers as well as complete access to source code as well as complete documentation of various aspects of the project.

Why choose us for your Missions?

Technology / Domain Expertise

Technology / Domain Expertise

Our CEO has been Microsoft MVP for four consecutive years as well as he has authored and technical edited many books on .NET technologies. We are Microsoft Gold Partners on the Microsoft Azure Platform, we are Premium Partners for AuctionWorx. Our Squad engages in continuous learning and skill upgradation on latest technologies. Solutions we build for our clients are future-proof and utilize the best available technology to ensure better returns on investment. Our Squad has built innovative solutions for clients of various sizes from start-ups, and SMEs to large enterprises in various different business domains like Health Care, Insurance, Advertising, Marketing, Communication and Messaging, HR, Digital Media, SaaS, Micro Services, Line of Business Applications and DRM globally.

Listen and Deliver Outcomes

Listen and Deliver Outcomes

One of our core values is to LISTEN to our clients.
Our Squad leaders are super sensitive to listening, analyzing and building what the client NEED's and ensuring delivery of 100% successful mission outcomes. Years of experience across multiple business domains helps us understand the spoken and unspoken requirements, presenting marvel solutions for 100% client satisfaction. Most of our clients are non-technical and experts in their business domains, our Squad leaders are experts at listening to such clients and translating their ideas into innovative software solutions. Squad leaders work collaboratively to define mission targets and success outcomes so to ensure total transparency and achieve 100% mission success.

In Budget, On Time, Quality Development

In Budget, On Time, Quality Development

We work on flexible payment terms, selecting the right pricing model which makes sense for client needs. It's critical for our clients to focus on their business rather than constantly worry about project costs, success and other uncertainties. Our Squad processes have been fine tuned to ensure 100% mission success on time and on budget. No surprises, No hidden costs, No date slips - our Squad delivers! Our special processes include several checks and balances to ensure that consistent production quality is maintained in all our deliveries for a worry free experience. Our experienced Squad ensures that the outcomes are high quality, scalable, secure and bug free.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and Transparency

We have our clients best interests at our heart, always! Clients have complete visibility of the development progress to ensure the end result is always as per the their expectations to ensure 100% mission success. The complete source code, documentation, as well as IPs (Intellectual Property) generated by the development team, is retained by clients in most cases. Our goal is to build long term, deep, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients based on honesty and trust. Strong referrals, repeat missions is what keeps our Squad constantly engaged with new challenging opportunities building on years of trust and positive results.

How we save the day, the Systenics way!

Stage 1: Planning
Stage 1

Requirements Gathering and Planning

The most important step is the first one, where our Squad Leaders work with the client's team to listen and collaboratively build on the requirements for the mission. We work up an exhaustive document detailing the software requirements, architecture/database modelling, UI mockups, timelines and estimates. We build interactive wireframes to help your clients review the solution before it is developed. This extensive exercise ensures that the client has the full mission blue print before we commence work with milestones defined to ensure clarity of mission objectives, timelines and costs.

Stage 2

Iterative Development

We begin development in sprints/iterations, keeping the client's team updated at every step with frequent test builds and mockups to ensure that they are fully updated on the progress. Iterative development helps clients have full visibility into the deliverables while they are being built and client feedback is incorporated into future iterations. Shorter feedback cycles, frequent client iterations and incremental updates help reach the final outcome faster and with greater clarity. Our Squad can also work with Scrum / Agile methodologies for large projects as per the mission requirements.

Iterative Development
Final Staging
Stage 3

Final Production Deployment

On completion of the development and testing cycle, the application is finally installed/staged to the production servers and the systems go live. The client's team is given a short training on the solution developed to ensure everyone is comfortable and productive. All source code and documentation are handed over to the client post-completion of the project.

Stage 4

Support and Maintenance

After the final delivery, the solution goes into the support and maintenance phase, which is very critical for the success of any investment and production application. We have support coordinators and support ticketing systems in place to ensure our clients get timely support for their issues and have a smooth experience using their solution. Our clients can be worry free that even post project completion our Squad will stand by them to ensure our best efforts to mitigate any production issues and outages. Quick response times, decisive actions by the Squad leaders ensure that critical production issues are resolved in priority for minimal disruption to our clients business.

Client Support