27 Mar 2024

Systenics Website Relaunch

by: Saurabh Nandu in: General tags:website,

Our older website was starting to show age and unable to keep pace with styles. We had several internal discussions regarding a re-design but usually ended up shelving the plan since we were unable to identify and justify the reason for re-design if the outcome would just be a better design. At times we thought of just purchasing a template and updating the content and finish the process.

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29 Mar 2013

Sync SQL Server 2012 Data with SQL CE 3.5 SP2 over the Internet using WCF Services using MS Sync Framework v2.1

by: Saurabh Nandu in: Programming tags: .NET, SQL CE 3.5 SP2, SQL Server, Sync Framework 2.1, WCF, WPF,

Recently, we were working on a client project where the client required multiple Windows Based Client Applications to be able to work offline and synchronize with the master MS SQL Database (hosted on the internet), when internet connection is available. We faced several challenges in building this application and I thought it would be a good idea to blog the solution we created for the client. In this post we have tried to build upon the samples provided by Microsoft but explain the whole process so that its easier for others to understand and implement this platform. This blog post does not try to explain in detail how sync framework works, but tries to explain the deployment and creation of WCF based web service to sync between server and clients over the internet.

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