Getting Hired at Systenics as Fresher

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This post applies to Freshers only who are as hired as Trainee Software Developer.

This post is coming out of our need to constantly be on the watch to hire fresh talent. We are always in need of great talent, I think every organization is. Good employees are our biggest assets and we value them the most in this organization. We are in the business of showcasing excellence. And thus our employee's brilliance is our only wealth. Hiring an employee is a ritual of expanding our family and it has to be carefully achieved. This post is for the candidates who want to be the part of a company that values their talent the most. 

I would like to highlight the few key areas we are most concerned about in our interviewees. The most important thing is the passion for technology. We don’t expect you to be geek, but at the same time you should be well versed with the latest technology trends just as like being well versed with the cricket scores! You should be open to learning new technology as this is an evolving world and each new day sees a new discovery. Thus, you must be able to adapt to the changing environment. We wish to be on the cutting edge of the technology and like all our employees to share the same vision..

The other most essential aspect is your Communication Skill. It is the most important part of People Skills that one should focus and spend time cultivating it. We are focused on building solutions for the International Clients and we want our team members to be able to clearly understand and communicate with our clients. Excellent verbal as well as written communication is a key to happy clients! 

The interview call is a chance of a lifetime to get hired and start your career in the right direction, so don’t ruin it! Give it your best shot, we understand you are a bit nervous. Our process is very robust, tried with several hundred interviewees and it makes sure that we get the ideal candidate for our team. The biggest repeated excuse we keep hearing is “I have not prepared, but if given time then I can prepare”. Its a stupid excuse, if you are not prepared then don’t come for the interview and waste both your time and ours! How do you expect to get hired, if you do not prepare?
So we iterate again, prepare well in advance and make sure you have no excuses to make when you come for the interview. 
Visit our company website, read about the kind of work we do, read our blogs, check out the technologies we are working upon. Get a good sense about us before you come for an interview, after all it's one of the biggest decisions of your life!

Following is the interview process that we follow.

Step 1: Apply for Job

To apply through your College:
In case our company has approached your campus and your TPO or Placement Coordinator has forwarded your resume or details to us, you don’t need to apply online. We will fix the date of interview with your TPO and he/she will in turn inform you. In that case, you will directly come to Step 3.  

To apply Online:
Visit Jobs page on our website Apply from there to your suitable opening. Email your resume to us on the email address provided on Jobs page. It is sad to see how many candidates fail to understand the simplicity of this process and continue to spam our company email address with their resumes. Please we have a special process for submitting resumes, use it! Mailing your resumes on every email address you find is only going to get you sidelined. 

Step 2: Shortlisting and Getting called for Interview

Every single resume is meticulously checked and relevant candidates are shortlisted. On getting shortlisted, you will receive an email with the date of interview. Take an effort to make your resume stand out and grab our attention. Copy pasting the same objectives and formats from several others just makes your resume invisible amongst the pile of several others. 

Step 3: Technical Interview - Round One

Prepare for your interview, before applying to us, if you are not prepared, take your time to get up to speed and then apply. Generally every interviewee is given a specific time for interview, please be ON time and I can’t stress that enough. Being 3 hours early is similar to being 3 hours late! A specific time slot has been assigned to you so that we do not make our candidates wait long for their interviews, please try to adhere to the time slot provided as a convenience to everyone.

Be prepared with answers for the standard HR questions like:

• Tell something about yourself.

• What do you know about Systenics?

• Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

• What are your strengths and weaknesses? etc.

These are some illustrative questions. The next thing is be prepared with your academic projects. Make sure you know everything about it. Be honest with us, its very easy for us to make out when you start telling lies. We want to see what work you have put in your project, how much efforts you took on the project in terms of innovation, research etc. 

The next and the most important thing is to brush up all your concepts about what you have studies in your academics. We know you are not well verse with current technologies like C#, ASP.NET, but our expectation is that you are thorough with the concepts taught in your academic curriculum. Know basics of your programming language C/C++ or Java in and out. Revise the concepts of Databases, Web Technologies and OOPS. Before interviewing, read and write some samples manually so that you have a good grasp of concepts, this is not your college exam where you can give us mugged up answers. We will quiz you on the concepts and only those who have actually taken the pains to understand the programming language pass our technical test. 

We also test you on your logic and problem solving capabilities but there nothing we ask that is not taught in your academic syllabus. But at the same time we are not going to ask you textbook questions. We are looking for candidates who have the ability to apply what they have learnt in their colleges in practical problems. Anyone who relies on pure mug up of text book is bound to fail our tests. Thus, be well prepared, take the time before the interview to sit with a good programming book and write out some samples so that you can understand the programming and logic concepts well.

Once your interview is completed, unless asked otherwise please leave our premises and do not crowd waiting for your friends. If you are selected we will call you within two weeks. If you have not heard from us within two weeks means that you have not cleared our interview. 

Step 4: Psychometric Evaluation and Aptitude Test - Round Two

Once you clear the technical interview, you will appear for Psychometric Evaluation and the Aptitude Test. Psychometric Evaluation gives the outline of your personality traits. Be honest and quick in answering. It helps us understand your strengths and weakness. Using it we can map you to different functions in the organization. Aptitude test is for analyzing your logical thinking and data interpretation ability. 

Step 5: Personal Interview - Round Three

One of our team member might also conduct a second round of personal interview. These are the guys you will be working with so make sure you demonstrate to them that you are a team player as well as you have the qualities to make a good developer. 

Step 6: Interview with CEO - Round Four

If you have worked hard and know your technologies well, you get the final interview with our CEO. We know its been a long process for you, its been the same for us too. So continue ahead in confidence, demonstrate to us that you are a smart, intelligent, honest candidate with integrity. Feel free to voice any concerns or questions you have during the interview process, make sure that all your doubts are resolved before you finish your interview. 

Post all the interviews we analyze your verbal and written test results as well as discuss with our team members who have taken part in the interview process. If everyone is confident then you will be presented with an offer along with package details within two weeks of your interview. 

We look for candidates who wish to work with us in the long run as well as who are self-learners and have potential to become great developers. If you are planning for future studies, going abroad please discuss this upfront with us so that our goals can align with yours. 

Once an offer is presented you are given about 2-3 days to discuss the offer with your parents and revert back to us. If you wish to accept the offer and begin your career with us then let us know as soon as possible. Further steps are explained to candidates who are selected. 


In this article I have tried to highlight and demystify the interview process at Systenics. We hope you take the time to read this information and prepare yourself accordingly for the interview. We wish you the best of luck!